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Flap Fairy Flap! Android iOS Kindle 

Flap Fairy Flap!


Flap Fairy Flap! is an addictive game. If you like Flappy Bird then this is definitely one addicting game you’ll not want to miss. Avoid the totems and don’t let Fairy touch the deadly spikes! Also avoid the vicious Momo when playing Hard mode. Momo might have tiny wings but his might ROAR will make you want to avoid his speedy fly-through or break his wings with a tap!

Play it anytime and anywhere. Each replay will never be the same. Play by yourself or compete with friends or the online community around the world to claim the top leaderboard. Please play responsibly.


* Beautiful high resolution graphics
* Endless play
* Two play modes: Normal, Hard
* Collect stars to earn +1 point
* Collect special color gems to earn +10 points
* Pause the game anytime
* Switch background music on/off
* Earn your position on the leaderboard

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